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  Opportunities for Scouts & Guides see foot of page.

   Opportunities for Schools

   Paul is the photographer with the St Austell Voice


 Accommodation;- Groups coming from a distance can camp with us between 1st April and the 30th of September . Out side those times we work with a nearby centre Woodland Valley Farm. They have four star dormitories of different sizes, the maximum number they can hold at any one time is 46. Their  website is  

  Key Stage 2 The Earth and beyond.

 WOW astronomy

We include scaling our neighbourhood using our inflatable solar system. Learning about the planets. Handling meteorites and working with them. Using a variety of telescopes and studying the Sun by projection. Given clear skies the children can observe the Sun safely through our Hydrogen Alpha Telescope. Making sundials and other models.  Supported by digital projection and Broadband. (I, with others, have reviewed software for teachers with the Royal Astronomical Society.) Cost £4.00 per student per half day.  This is a fun filled half day for your students at the Observatory. Check out the web site and pay us a visit. (Free reccy visit for teachers recommended)   Why WOW ? – it is the most often used word and that is just the teachers!  (I am on the Royal Astronomical Society's Education Committee)

 GCSE & A LEVEL  Practical support tailor made for the student group by and for the school. This includes the new "Extended Project" worth half an A Level.

  Observing Opportunities for Schools  we use a planetarium programme to preview the evening, a green laser to point out the constellations and a number of telescopes and binoculars to look at individual objects.  Cost £2.50 for 2 hours based on 20 + students.

Gifted and Talented. Bespoke programmes worked up in conjunction with Sally Griffin for primary schools.  Master Classes for Year 10    "How astronomers get answers", "Flying experiments" "What goes up must come down." - practical experiments - for St Austell Cluster schools.

Work Experience Opportunities 2012/3; for interested students to get a taste of life in an Observatory.

Doing the measurements, recording the sunspots, and noting the weather parameters using the weather station. Checking for micrometeorites. Updating the Web Site.

Making up; Assembling instruments for the observatory e.g spectrometer and camera for Roseland TV.

Outreach; Examples, Preparing and delivering a presentation for a school class, a TV programme for schools, being interviewed for local radio. Interviewing a professional research astronomer.

Developing one of the Observatory’s research projects.

Not only but Also being involved with the routine of the Observatory.

It is impossible to deliver all of the above during one week so the actual programme is tailored to the abilities and interests of the individual student.

Reserve the placement for your students asap.

DISTANCE LEARNING COURSES We now are able to provide observing opportunities for students working on the Open University & other similar  courses in Cornwall & Devon.

 For visiting interest groups we describe the activities of the Observatory in addition to introducing the night sky. Our Sky Scout comes complete with loud speaker to tell more about the stars and planets.

 Every Tuesday during the season we run sessions in the Activity Room. Using the digital projector we are able to show images of the night sky, with Broadband updates and video clips. Handle real meteorites and understand how telescopes work. Then outside in the clear night air the green laser points the way to the stars, giant binoculars and telescopes give close up views of the Moon, planets and star clusters. £6.00 for Adults,  £4.00 for children, U8 free.   "One to one" sessions can be arranged for £20.00. Book your place through the Camp Site Office please. 

 Opportunities for Scouts, Guides and other youth groups.

   Cubs;- Astronomer, Naturalist, Scientist.

   Scouts;- Astronomer, Astronautics, Electronics, Meteorologist, Naturalist, Survival Skills.

   Explorer Scouts;- Science & Technology Badge.

   Brownies;- Stargazer, Science, Water Safety, Wildlife Explorer.

   Guides;- Finding your way, Science, Water Safety.

   Typical Details 20 kids at £8.00, Leaders Free, times 10.00am - 16.00pm.

   "A night with the stars" £3.00 per person minimum numbers 20.

    Currently I am District Scout Leader - Mid Cornwall & hold the Guide Thanks




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