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We've added a number of links to sites that we think will be of special interest to astronomers.

Court Farm Holiday Camp Site - the home of the Observatory. See Come and stay with us!  Here is the website for the camp site at the observatory.   Contact Simon Palmer (01726) 823684 mob 07973773681 or 07971971673 email  Court Farm Holiday Camp Site .

For Dormitory accommodation  we use Woodland Valley Farm   a nearby activity centre .    Is used by Paul Hughes our imager to store and display his photos to a wider audience.

 Galaxy Zoo 2 Allows PC owners the opportunity to help classify galaxies for the professionals. 

  Solar Storm Watch run by one of my mates Dr Chris Davis from RAL there is a Moon version too.

  About the day and night sky

 "Space weather" Everyone's first stop for information about happenings in the sky.  Also satellite flyby timings on 


 "Heavens Above" Another excellent site giving up to date information about the stars & planets. Allows you to find out when the various satellites are going over. .

"Real Time Weather" Just visit  to see the clouds rushing towards you in real time.

"Hear meteors flash by"  Andy Smith's Radio Meteor site is the real deal click on  

 "Planetarium programme" Stellarium gives really good views of the night sky in real time, downloadable for free - especially useful for newcomers.

"Have your own telescope in two places at once" A user friendly robotic telescope is at 


Updating kit? then try 

 "Earth Observatory" images and data from space some a bit technical.  see also and also  click on Earth and follow the links.

  "Model Rocket Making" - great fun for "children" of all ages contact the Model Rocket Shop, the world record holding outfit, set at the World Scout Jamboree summer 07. 

Also Fun with model rockets found for us by Matthew H from Mill Valley CA USA library book club.

  Astronomical Societies

  The Royal Astronomical Society.

 The premier astronomy organisation in the UK founded in 1820. Hosts a new section listing web resources for teachers and youth leaders. Can be found by clicking on "Education" right hand side bar then on that drop down menu click on "education resources". 


  The British Astronomical Association

The Association was formed in 1890 and membership is open to all people interested in astronomy. It has an international reputation for the quality of its observational and scientific work.

 British Astronomical Association

  Federation of Astronomical Societies 

Contains the details of nearly 200 astronomical societies throughout the country, including one near you. 



Lessons from Challenger. In 1986 teacher Christa McAuliffe died when Space Shuttle Challenger blew up on take off. Her lesson plans have been rediscovered can be taught again;- follow "programs" then "lessons".


 Nobel Prizes the story  Many of the most important discoveries in physics and astronomy were recognisd by the Award . Don't miss follow "star stories" then "star stories and the Nobel Prize".


National Schools Observatory.

A 2 metre telescope dedicated for use by teachers and school students on La Palma. 

 Borrow the Moon. The Science and Technology Facilities Council holds 4 sets of lunar samples to borrow free of charge see  and follow the public and schools Tab on the RHS then drop down to Loan Scheme.


  NASA supports local clubs and schools

  The Space Place Astro Club Resources

 Computer and accessory requirements.

 SS Computer Services, St Austell, Cornwall. Tel (01726) 68684. When only the best will do.

   Sundials and armillary spheres

   For Brad Dillion's web site   Bespoke handmade time dials.

   Research Organisations

  Jodrell Bank Observatory 

Home to the Lovell Radio Telescope

   Jodrell Bank 

For Space Science

  For a wide range of educational support & advice

 Science & Technology Facilities Council 

Rutherford Appleton Laboratory

 The home of the UK's Solar Science Labs. SOHO, Stereo, Hinode, SDO etc.

 Rutherford Appleton Laboratory 

Also Solar Storm Watch 






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